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Why I Buy Sex Doll? Story Shared by Doll Owner

Why I Buy Sex Doll? Story Shared by Doll Owner

Below story is from one of our dear customers, who is willing to share why he begins with sex doll.

What I Think of Sex Doll?

I am a beginner for sex dolls, wondering for quite a long time whether to get one for myself or not. Recently I browse many posts or online shop regarding sex dolls. And I must say that a sex doll is so beautiful and perfect! Except for the body temperature like human and disable to move, there will be no other things better than such a realistic doll to be perfect sex partner! I start to notice sex dolls five years ago. However, I didn’t buy any one in that time because the cost was too expensive, at least $2000. Honestly, I am not a rich guy, that is a huge price for me to afford. So I can only turn to inflatable doll or masturbation cup to solve sexual demand. Now that the sex doll technology is mature, and the cost is much lower, you can pay half the cost to get the doll I have been dreaming before. Isn’t it amazing!

Why I Buy A Sex Doll?

Now I work in the city. I got married two years ago and became a father last year. My wife lives in rural countryside to take care of the family. So basically, for me, I am living like a single man and my sexual desire is not satisfied. In the past, I went to the night club to have so much fun you know. Now that I am married, I don’t want to go there. And I am afraid of getting any sexual diseases too. Based on my personality, I am too introverted, too shy, even if there is a woman who really wants to go to bed with me, I can’t open that mouth. I am afraid of follow-up troubles.

You can say that I belong to the coward. Still I am determined not to do anything beyond my ability. All in all, I bought my doll in February. I name her Rosie. Rosie is so realistic, so clean. She follows all your requests and never get tired, never complain. Besides, she solves the loneliness, does not affect our family life. She does not contact, only when there is a sexual need to satisfy. With so many benefits, why shouldn’t I buy a doll??


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