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What sex positions can I enjoy with my love doll?

What sex positions can I enjoy with my love doll?

Love Doll has special characteristics in structure. Big movement may result in rupture to your love doll. So please do take some time to check below reminder before use. They are some limitations for each sex doll part:

Love Doll Head

The doll´s head connects its body with metal connectors. Head can turn to the right and the left freely. However, because its neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, when making the doll head forward and backward, please make sure not exceeding 45 degrees. Also when shaking the doll head from right to left side, please make sure not exceeding 45 degrees.

Love Doll Shoulders & Upper Arms

The upper arms can raise forward as high as to the chest. That is about 60 degrees forward. Upper arms can bend slightly backward for 5-10 degrees. Also they can raise to both sides horizontally as high as to the chest level. That is about 60 degrees in the directions of both sides.

Love Doll Lower Arms & Wrists

The lower arms can rotate and the angles are 60 degrees limit. The doll´s wrists can bend up and down and the angles are 45 degrees.

Love Doll Waist

The doll’s waist can bend to the left and right horizontally and the angles for this are 30 degrees. The angles for waist bending forward and backward limits to 40 degrees. When the body rotates right and left (waist twisting), the angles better to be 40 degrees. When the waist bend and rotate simultaneously, angles in all directions are superimposed and the limits reduce by half. For example, bend the waist to the left while twist it at the same time, the angle limits in all directions reduces to the maximum of 20 degrees.

Love Doll Hips & Thighs

Doll thighs can separate to both sides to the maximum of 130 degrees. A single leg splitting the leg can lift to 100 degrees.

However, we don’t recommend opening the doll’s thighs too widely and the action can produce much pulling force on the doll. It may be easy to cause damage. The safe angle of leg opening we recommend is 50 degrees at most to both sides. For single leg, it should not lift upward over 90 degrees and bend backward over 15 degrees of the body’s vertical line.

Love Doll Knees & Ankles

The lower legs can bend backward to the maximum of 120 degrees and the recommended angle is 100 degrees. Its ankles can rotate up and down and the angle is 45 degrees totally. Please don’t rotate too much for either the lower legs or the ankles.

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