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HiDoll, founded in 2012 and started from a group of sex doll lovers and developed into real doll OEM factory and reseller. We have covered a wide range of real dolls. Please browse our shop page to find your dream girls! If you are looking for mini dolls or young-looking dolls, please check Dollter, which is the popular brand specialized on this.

It is our goal to pursue doll perfection and customer satisfaction for all real doll lovers. To meet this goal, we try our best to pursue three things:

real sex doll factory

1# Wide range of real doll

There are more than 100 lifelike dolls in our website. They mainly range from 140cm to 176cm. No matter small boobs or huge tits, Asian style or Caucasian style, we can offer all kinds of realistic sex doll. Besides, if you don't find the ideal doll that you are looking for, just let us know.

2# Good quality of real doll

We promise to give you high quality by our online inspection and customer inspection. During online inspection, our inspectors will check skin elasticity, skeleton articulation and makeup etc. In addition, we have customer inspection, in which we will send you photos and videos to inspect before delivery.

3# Affordable cost of real doll

You can notice that all our real doll prices are competitive compared with others, even the most expensive doll cost around $1600 only! We don’t sell cheapest doll, but we sell the doll with best quality and the best price most people can offer.


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