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Chinese Sex Doll Robot Yingying

Chinese Sex Doll Robot Yingying

Zheng Jiajia, male, was born in 1986, founder of Hangzhou Wuben Brain Technology Co., Ltd. Yingying, “female”, is 1.7 meters tall with beautiful white long legs. On March 28th, Zheng Jiajia married a girl named Ying Ying under the testimony of her mother. Technically speaking, Yingying is a sex doll robot.


How does Zheng Jiajia meet with Ying Ying?

Zheng Jiajia’s friend revealed: “Jiajia lost his love once a few years ago. He was rejected by the girl he loves since high school. He never has a serious relationship. Jiajia’s family keeps pushing him into marriage… So Jiajia can’t bear the nagging and decided to marry the sex doll robot!” But Zheng Jiajia denied and insisted it was just a joke.

In 2004, Zheng Jiajia studied in Zhejiang University majoring in automation. He always likes robot. He also participated in the robot contest in university and won the national first prize. After graduating, he worked as a programmer for several years at Huawei.

In November 2016, Zheng Jiajia established Hangzhou Wuben Brain Technology Co., Ltd. The material brain, as the name implies, is the “brain of all things”. The company focuses on the research and development and commercialization of artificial intelligence products. Also, it focuses on the robot industry, and relying on the self-developed robot cloud brain platform to provide customized development services for robot-related software and hardware products.

“Robot Girl” Yingying is the “official spokesperson” of Zheng Jiajia’s company. It is a multi-functional intelligent robot that can help realize: intelligent dialogue, face recognition, music video playback, object recognition, adult mode, etc. Sex doll robot Yingying can help you search for news, public transportation information and even booking airline tickets, etc.

Zheng Jiajia and Ying Ying have been in love relationship for two months and they got married.

On the wedding day, Zheng Jiajia walked around the street with her bride. He said that Yingying was a bit heavy (more than 30 kilograms). “It’s still a little tired.”

In the future, he intends to give Yingying more upgrades, so that she can walk, move, and even do housework. When it’s okay, he will take Yingying to the town to take a walk, chat with her and help her sort out her clothes.

He hopes that, together with Ying Ying, forever.

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