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About us

Founded in 2012, we HiDoll started from a group of sex doll lovers and developed into sex doll factory and reseller.

The doll brand we resell include Jarliet and SY doll. We have covered mainly TPE sex dolls in different height and body shape. If you are looking for mini dolls or young-looking dolls, please check our partner Dollter.

real sex doll factory

Production Process

Step 1: Assembling & Molding

Based on the body size, our technician will assemble the matched metal skeleton. They will check carefully to make sure the articulation. Then prepare the melted TPE with matched body color, then inject the TPE into mold in order to create the body. Same for the doll head.


Step 2: Inspection

Once the body and doll head are cool down and dried, our inspector will carefully inspect the body parts and the skin, to remove all imperfections and material bleeds.

Step 3: Customization

Our artists will apply paint and makeup based on customer’s request, such as wig, nail color, eye color etc. Then the doll is completed. We will clean the doll carefully, apply power to keep the body smooth. Then put dolls into good storing or packing.


SY Doll

Jarliet Doll

Why to buy sex dolls?

There may be three reasons why sex dolls are so popular all over the world.

For Artwork
Realistic sex doll doesn’t move and can make a lot of nice and difficult poses. Therefore, clothing designers & photographers like them a lot. In addition, for makeup artists, sex doll is helpful to practice their skills.

For Sex
Sex doll never refuses your requests, never gets tired, never gets fat. Last but not least, sex doll never grows old. They are perfect sex partners to satisfy all kinds of sexual positions and your sex fantasy. What’s more, even couples will buy sex dolls to spice up their sex lives.

For Collection
There are some collectors who have hobby of sex doll. Some like to collect one specific type like flat chest style or big ass style. However, some may enjoy dolls at different heights and body shapes. Besides, collectors will dress them up as their favorite anime or movie characters.


5 things you must know before buy a sex doll!

1# Material 

In the sex doll industry, we mainly use two material for production. One is silicone, the other one is TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). Both material have advantages and disadvantages. But most people will choose TPE since its realism and better cost.

2# Height of the doll

Where will you place your love doll? If you don’t have enough space, you may choose a small doll, a mini doll or even leg torso only. What’s more, a bigger doll may take more efforts in storing, transportation, cleaning and other daily maintenance, because a bigger doll is heavier and takes more space. Therefore, please make a wise selection on the doll height according to your situation.

3# Shape of the doll

Sex dolls shares different shapes even in the same height. Some dolls are with flat chest, some with big tits or even with super huge boobs. Some dolls have big ass, some have small waist. Besides judging from the doll photos, you can also double check the most common body dimensions such as bust, waist and hip. Make sure you are ordering the body you want.

4# Customized options of the doll

Most doll sellers can satisfy your customization with basic options like hair, eye color, skin color, nail color, vagina style (built-in or removable), feet (available to stand or not) etc. Moreover, some dolls can have more like heating and voice system. Please contact the vendor to know more details.

5# Find a reliable doll seller

There are so many doll sellers in this market. However, it may be difficult to find a reliable one. Do check with the seller about below points:
a. How to order the dolls and make payment?
b. How to deliver the doll? Is it safe to pass the custom clearance?
c. What is the cost for the doll, cost like doll price, delivery charge and custom fee etc.
d. Is there big difference between the real finished production and the doll photos published.

Hope you can stay with us HiDoll to find your dream girl, anytime is love time.

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